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“Blend Me Cleanse Me” 
The ultimate no hunger one week smoothie cleanse
"I just want you to know it's been two days since I started your 7 day challenge & I've lost 5 pounds already! I'm really surprised i can't wait to see my results at the end of the week !" Alexis
What do you get with Blend Me Cleanse Me?
  • Now available via PDF, and expanded with full colour photos and recipes, for the first and only time - never to be repeated “The hunger free 2 minute cleanse” - “Blend Me Cleanse Me” that actually works”...
  • Previously sold for $19.00. Only available FREE for a limited time...
  • Give your body a much needed detox, eliminate the harmful toxins from your body so your body finally has a chance to heal…
  • Most people easily drop a dress size by just replacing your meals with 3 simple complete meal smoothies from our calorie counted meal plan...
  • You may experience your digestion improving, your skin becoming softer, your energy levels will be sky high, you’ll feel happier, you’ll sleep better, your sugar cravings will melt away and you’ll have better overall health...
  • Save time in the kitchen. You can literally make your meals for the entire day in just 2 minutes
  • Delicious, portable and filling recipes, made from healthy, wholesome real food suitable for the whole family based on a system on ensuring you don’t go hungry but still lose the weight...
  • Complete “done for you” meal plan that takes the hard work out of detoxing and saves you the time planning your own detox with complete shopping list and 3 different options to suit your own needs...
You will immediately receive a PDF containing “Blend Me Cleanse Me”, so you can start it straight away and use it over and over again whenever you need a cleanse. 
"I am a grandma in my 50's and obese. I started this detox to help me feel better after the holidays. I had gotten off my good eating and was feeling very tired. My joints ached and just had an over all lethargic feeling. 

At the end of 7 days, I dropped 6lbs. Very excited about that, but more importantly, I feel fantastic!  

My belly has shrunk and my joints feel way better and my energy level is back up again. I feel great and want to continue this. 

I have got my excitement back and I thank you for this." Ronnette
Created by 
Katherine Kyle
Founder & CEO 
I help busy people make tasty, complete meal smoothies that helps them effortlessly drop dress size after dress size, boost their energy to levels they’ve never even experienced so they can feel more confident and more alive than they’ve ever felt, while spending less time in the kitchen and without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

After losing 56 pounds myself in just a few months, and recovering from soul destroying health problems by replacing 1-2 meals a day with complete meal smoothies, I am passionate about helping you change your life in the same way.

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I know what you're thinking...
“But I don’t know where to start?”

“I have tried detoxes before, and nothing has ever worked for me.”

“I really haven’t enjoyed detoxes in the past, so I’m reluctant to try this”

This FREE cleanse is like no other cleanse you’ve ever seen.

It is simple, easy to follow, you won’t go hungry and hey - you’ll even enjoy it! Plus you are going to see results - and fast! Like as soon as tomorrow morning if you can get started today. 
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